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“Wow stamp your feet!!! … got £162.50 inc stake 🙂 … up £66.31 on £25 stake” – Hamish

“It is a good product and it’s made me good money since I joined, over £1,000 easily in 2 months” – Amer

“Today’s trading has paid for the dinner and show that I’d booked and given my wife for Xmas! Brilliant, thank you” – Chris O

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    • Total profit since we launched this fantastic little programme in September 2016 now stands at £19,547.76 which you could have had as well!
    • In that time we’ve done 2802 structured bets, all logged and publicly accountable with an average profit of £6.98 for every transaction … all of which you could have been in on too!
    • The win rate is now 78.4% across all the structured bets taken!

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Tim Lowe – Markiteer Ltd