The Daisho System from Tony Langley and Tim Lowe

Daisho System Closing

Daisho System Closing To New Members Permanently

The Daisho system will shortly be closing to new members for good. We’ll try and give yo as much warning as possible, but as soon as Tony Langley tells us he’s got enough people on board – thats’s it. For that reason we’ll be posting as many updates as we can across the various ‘Tim Lowe‘ websites. So you’ll be able to get further updates here, here, and here – as well as at the Daisho System website itself.

Daisho System Enhanced 09/12/2017-

Daisho System is now Daisho Plus, with the addition of the Automatic Selection Finder. This new development mean that not only does it free up some valuable ‘Tony Time’ so we can squeeze in a few new members … now selections of viable trades are sent straight to users as soon as the criteria are met. This of course gives even more opportunities to profit:

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Daisho System Update 01/08/2017 –

“The cleverest and safest home trading strategy there is bar none … is now available as a Home Study Programme”

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Please Note: The first Live Demonstration of the Daisho System is still in the future, so obviously any sort of review is not possible. However, here is the latest available information…

The Daisho System is the latest exciting project from Tim Lowe & Tony Langley.  Of course Tony and Tim have collaborated before, most significantly with 2015’s Football Hedging System, which introduced what was, to many, a brand new way of trading alltogether.

Football Hedging was finally closed as it was fully subscribed, and the Waverley Media offices still receive regular enquiries as to its future availability.

The Daisho System is based around what became the most popular part of the Football Hedging System – the chance to meet and watch Tony train and trade live. Because of the positive feedback these days received, Tim & Tony have decided to host a series of live demonstrations where people will see the brand new system in action BEFORE they decide whether or not they want to proceed with the training.

A special website has been created, dedicated to informing visitors about the Daisho system – and also describes how to claim a place at one of these forthcoming demonstrations.

As you would expect for such an ‘in demand’  resource the website is password protected, so those who did not receive their own personal access code in the post from Tim can request one by visiting here and completing the simple form … and your password should be sent almost instantly.

Those already with a password can get more direct access to the daisho system here

With something like the Daisho system there are bound to be questions, and anything not answered by visiting the website can be resolved by a specialist member of the admin team by emailing  The admin team operate during normal office hours (9.00-5.00 weekdays excluding Bank Holidays) and are also available via phone but please be aware the specialist you would normally speak to may be on a scheduled call with somebody else.

Tim and Tony have also decided that anyone who books to attend one of these live demonstrations will receive, regardless of whether they stay to complete the training or not, detailed instructions on a standalone system designed to make a minimum of £500 in 30 days or less.

It probably goes without saying that such an offer has attracted no small amount of attention and that early booking is advised for any interested parties at the website below:

P.S. The Daisho System has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page to follow. You can also find updates here on my Blog