Daisho System from Tim Lowe and Tony Langley Official Review.

Daisho System Review Update –

Daisho Review Update

Daisho System Numbers have yet again reached capacity so it will soon be closing to new members permanently. The Daisho system has closed it’s doors twice before – firstly after numbers originally topped out in late October last year – and then after a special limited release of the new Daisho Plus enhancement just before Christmas.

Why Is The Daisho System Closing ?

The limiting factor with member numbers has always been the amount of time Tony Langley has to support users. Tony has always been proud of the level of support he offers, so when numbers reach a certain level, the Daisho System closes. The only reason the Daisho system has re-opened at all was the introduction of the Automatic Selection Finder, which freed up some of his time.

What Is the Automatic Selection Finder ?

The Automatic Selection Finder was introduced to make the simple job of finding profitable trades absolutely no effort at all, as well as increasing the number of trading opportunities and as a result, the amount of profit that could be made. Daisho Plus was introduced without any increase in price and existing Daisho System users were automatically upgraded at no extra cost.

In This Daisho System Review…

This page covers both the original Daisho System trainings (also known which took place over a number of two day events in June and July 2017, and the Daisho System Home Study Programme which was released in August 2017 – screenshot of which is below:

Daisho System Review from Waverley Media

It should go without saying that for the obvious reason that this is a Waverley Media and Markiteer product that this sites appraisal of what you might find referred to elsewhere as the ‘Daisho football system’ or simply the ‘Daisho Trading System’ cannot really be impartial. Instead, and for equally obvious reasons, this is absolutely guaranteed to be a more in depth study than you will read elsewhere.

This page will contain insights into the Daisho development process, how Daisho Trading evolved from Tony Langley’s old Football Hedging Strategies (for those who are unfamiliar with Football Hedging, it is among the most popular ever Tim Lowe products, as well as being one of the most popular money makers reviewed online in the last few years)

It should be noted that as the system is still in its infancy, it would not be practical for this to contain a full Daisho trading review but there will be an overview of the Daisho betting system later on in this review.

Why is it called the Daisho System?

Well, the literal Daisho definition actually means ‘big-little’ in Japanese and refers to the matched pair of short and long swords used by a Samurai. The idea being that regardless of the foe, the Samurai would win the battle using one sword or the other.

As you’ll see in greater detail further on in this review, the principle of the Daisho system is to place both a large and a small bet according to the system criteria so that one will always provide you with a profit regardless of the outcome.

As you’ll also see, this has nothing to do with bagging any bonuses from bookmakers (although how to do this is included in the members area as a free extra if you want to do it as well) or what is conventionally understood as matched betting. This is something different entirely.

Who is Tony Langley and what does he have to do with the Daisho System?

Whilst this shouldn’t actually turn into merely a Tony Langley review, it is really Tony who is at the heart of this. Tony is the author of the entire System (Both the Daisho Workshops and the Home Study Programme) and has put a tremendous amount of time and work before launching Daisho for sale.

Tony is not exactly well known outside the football trading arena – for instance, there is no Tony Langley Wikipedia page, yet many of the football trading systems released in the last few years are influenced by, or based on a Tony Langley system.

Is the Daisho System the same as The Football Hedging System?

As mentioned above, the new Daisho system is not the first Tony Langley football trading system to hit the market. Daisho was preceded by, and shares its most fundamental principles with, the Football Hedging system. Many initially wrote off Football Hedging as just another Betfair scalping tool – but further examination and a very impressive track record saw those ideas shelved in favour of a more considered view.

Tony started the Daisho creative process with the same basic premise as Football Hedging in that the system is entirely focussed on never losing a trade overall. The main thrust of this is that the user places a large bet once the selection criteria are met, and a number of smaller bets as insurance against things not running to form.

There is also a ‘recovery’ process in place that takes the user through a series of steps to recover a situation that has gone completely against all expectations. These occur only about 3% of the time and one of the most popular facets of the system is that the user can even trade their way to a profit even from the most unusual of positions.

How Much Does The Daisho System Cost?

The Daisho System has three different packages, the Gold package at £1297, Platinum at £1697 and Diamond at £2597. Support after the first 30 days is at additional cost to Gold and Platinum members, at a price dependant on which package was originally chosen.

Diamond members get 12 month’s support included in the initial price as well as an additional one day face-to-face training day with Tony Langley in Surrey. This option was included as – despite the online training including everything the user needs to know – some people prefer and respond better to an actual training event.

What about the ‘No Obligation Demonstration’ and the ‘Free Standalone System’?

Users can watch a demonstration of the Daisho system in action before they agree to proceed to the members area for full training (see next section) or they can choose not to proceed if they are not happy with what they see, and get a full refund of their training fee*.

Whether you decide to proceed or not, you will still receive the free ‘Standalone System’. Much has been surmised (incorrectly) about the free ‘Standalone System’ being the same as ‘Bonus Bagging’ or something similar – but that is not the case at all. The ‘Standalone System’ is a Betfair only system that focuses on one particular market.

What’s In The Daisho System Members Area?

The Home Study Programme puts everything you need in one member’s area, so there is no need to download anything before you start your Daisho football trading. The members area, just like the Football Hedging System before it, is constantly evolving so anyone looking to get their hands on a ‘knock off’ copy will find themselves in the same boat as those that wasted their money on an illegal Football hedging System PDF manual from various sources.

The members area contains six modules, each broken up into ‘learning approach’ which covers all of the hows, whys and wherefores of the method – then ‘training videos’ in which Tony takes you step by step how to do precisely what he does so you can get the same results. Each module is finished off with some questions that will show you how well you’ve grasped the training so far.

Of course, you can go through the modules as many times as you want, at whatever pace you choose until you are completely happy that you know what you are doing. The training is almost entirely in video format so it is easy to stop and replay any bits you need to see more than once, and Tony will usually provide you with more than one example of what he is showing you so you should find it

If there are problems, however, Tony Langley’s level of support is legendary and you can always be assured of a full and frank answer to any support tickets raised. Tickets are usually answered very quickly so users are not left in limbo for very long.

How Does The Daisho System Work?

The user simply uses the Daisho rules to review each of the possible matches according to strict but very simple criteria to it distil down a smaller number for the user to trade using any one of the Daisho System trading methods.

The user then uses Daisho ‘big-little’ principles to place both a ‘big’ bet in one market then ‘little’ bets in other markets according to the system criteria to ensure, regardless of the outcome, the user makes a profit, or in the very worst of circumstances, at least break even.

Each of the trades will provide the user with a profit, and a number of trades over the course of a month (on average just under one a day) should provide the user with an average profit of around 65% on their original bank.

Whilst watching your bank going from £300 (the lowest amount Tony recommends you start with – of course you can start with more) to £497 in the first month might not set the imagination alight, by the time you have being using the Daisho system as instructed for six months your bank should be sitting around the £6,000 mark, with just one more month to go until it gets over £10,000  -which you’ll agree sounds a lot more exciting.

As mentioned above, £300 is the lowest recommended starting bank, however many users will opt, like Football Hedging users before them, to start with £1000, which presents a different picture entirely.

These results are based on the user compounding their profits and not withdrawing any money until their bank reaches a certain level.

Daisho System Review – Conclusion:

The Daisho System is a worthy successor to the popular Football Hedging System. Not only does it present a step forward in Tony’s strategies, but also benefits from a simplified approach which should see even more people benefitting from using it correctly.

There are six modules or methods which the user can learn at their own pace and choose to use each method as much or as little as they like. As with all things, some users might find they ‘get on’ with some methods more than others, so can tailor their trading strategy accordingly.

At the time of writing, the Daisho system is still open to new members, but as with the Football Hedging System, may close its doors from time to time so Tony can ensure he can get each new crop of users ‘bedded in’ properly before welcoming the next group.

If you are not quite sure, you would agree it would be a good idea to the ‘safety net’ of watching the ‘no obligation’ demonstration which shows the Daisho method in detail before making the final decision to proceed with the training.

In conclusion, if you were curious about The Football Hedging System, or simply wanted to learn sports trading at its most profitable, starting from a small starting bank – then The Daisho system was especially designed by Tim Lowe and Tony Langley to tick all of the boxes and you should really get involved.

You can find more about the Daisho System on the official page on the TimLowe.com website: www.daisho.timlowe.com

*Full terms and conditions regarding this and all other aspects of Daisho system membership can be found on the website