The Daisho System – The answer to the question everyone has been asking…

Here’s the simple answer to the question everyone has been asking about the Daisho System… (but you’re not going to like it)

Earlier this week I mentioned that we would soon be closing the Daisho System to new members …permanently

Daisho System Closing

Since then, it would not be understating the fact to say that my inbox has been overflowing with emails asking simply “when…?”

It’s a perfectly reasonable question – but it’s one I have to answer with a simple – ‘I don’t know’.

You see, Tony Langley, the man behind the system – has always prided himself on the level of support he offers, but only has so many hours in the day.

Therefore, the factor that limits the number of people that can join the Daisho system has always been the amount of ‘Tony Time’ it takes to support all of his members properly.

The Daisho System is easy to get to grips with, but everybody is different and will ‘get it’ at their own speed. Some people will ask more questions than others and inevitably someone won’t bother to follow the instructions at all and need Tony’s help to get them out of a pickle.

With this in mind, you’ll understand why I can’t give you a definitive date. 50 new users who raise hardly any support tickets will take up less ‘Tony Time’ than 10 who ask for support every five minutes.

So, when I say this could close at any moment – I’m not being ‘hypey.’ As soon as Tony tells me ‘enough’ … that’s it.

Of course I’ll always try and give you as much notice as I can (hence my message earlier this week) but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to tell everyone in enough time to guarantee that nobody will miss out.

Those among you with a more logical turn of mind will probably be thinking that if you get in now, the closing date is entirely irrelevant (and yes, this also means you can start earning money sooner) and I’d be inclined to agree.

If you want to ensure you don’t let this very last chance pass you by – I would urge you not to leave it any longer – you can refresh your memory about what the Daisho System can do for you and claim your ‘No Obligation’ demonstration to see exactly how it all works when you click here now.


Tim Lowe – Markiteer Ltd

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The Daisho System has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page to follow. You can also find updates here on my Blog