The Daisho System – Your Questions Answered

Daisho System Update 21/03/2018 – Closing Soon To New Members … Permanently.

IMPORTANT: Even with the brand new ‘Automatic Selection Finder’ we’re now virtually up to full capacity so I’m about to close the Daisho System to new members PERMANENTLY – which means …

Daisho System

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Since I launched the Daisho System in the middle of last week, the places at the special Live Demonstrations have been filling up quickly … so, it has to be said, has the inbox here at HQ with your questions…

With that in mind, I thought I’d just send this quick message out today answering the questions that have cropped up the most often, so everybody who is interested can act quickly and not miss out on a place at one of the demonstrations.

The most asked question started appearing as soon as people saw Tony’s face on the Daisho System website…. ‘Is it the same as the Football Hedging System?’

Well, actually it’s better.

To be absolutely clear, the Daisho System is an updated version of Tony’s Football Hedging. It has a similar principle, but with his latest developments, which are even easier to use – and the overall performance has improved.

The next, which usually follows right after, is ‘But isn’t the football season coming to an end?’ Yes, it is in this country and in fact across nearly all of Europe, however football is a global sport and there are literally hundreds of matches every month which you could choose to trade and these are played at different times, (which means no, you won’t have to get up to trade at 3am) in fact you will almost always be able to make money from this – no matter what time of day or night.

Then there is the standalone ‘Free’ system that you can use to make you £500 in 30 days or less … well clearly I can’t tell you how that works here other than it is a rather clever but incredibly simple Betfair system – and it has nothing to do with free bets or Bonus Bagging.

Well, that covers the vast majority of queries that have arrived here … but I want you to be absolutely sure … and that is why I came up with the idea of the Live Demonstrations.

The Live Demonstrations are there to remove any doubts you may have …. doubts that you won’t be able to get the Daisho System working for you because it is ‘too complicated’ or ‘hard to use’ and instead prove that this is simply the easiest and best possible way for you to pocket an estimated £2250- £3000 a week.

What’s more, if you’re not completely convinced and decide not to complete the training, you’ll have your training fee returned and still leave with detailed instructions on how to help yourself to £500 in 30 days or less (and easily carry on making you £200 to £400 each month thereafter).

I should also mention that, at time of writing, there are currently no plans to offer further training dates for the Daisho System. However this does depend on how much interest and how full the current sessions become. There are also no current plans to make this training available as a home study course – so if you want to attend one of the live demonstrations I would urge to secure your place quickly.

You can claim your place to see incontrovertible proof the Daisho System works using actual trades in real time using the special link below.  

to request  your personal access password 

Until next time,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down 


P.S.  You have to agree, ~Contact.FirstName~, attending one of these live demonstrations is the only no obligation way to ensure that you are not missing out on what has to be the easiest way to make yourself £2250 – £3000 per week (and yes, that’s tax-free by the way). If you are serious about making a real difference to your financial future you simply can’t let this opportunity pass you by...  

to request  your personal access password 

P.S. The Daisho System has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page to follow. You can also find updates here on my Blog