Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe is one of the leading experts in wealth generation in the UK today and he has now been helping people achieve their dreams of building an extra part-time, full time or life changing income for over a decade.

Tim StandNow, you might think that if you found a way to make millions of pounds each year for very little effort you would keep it to yourself.

This isn’t the case for Tim. He has been happy to share the secrets to generating extra income and building wealth, via virtually every possible method – websites like this one, seminars, workshops, DVDs, audio books, physical products, via mentorship programmes to name but a few. Tim’s first steps on the road to success were taken when he decided to sell his fire alarm business and look for a better way to earn a living. He tried various methods of generating income such as e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing and online gaming but wasn’t having a great deal of success until he met another leading UK expert almost by chance at a business seminar.

The two of them collaborated on many projects together for years, although these days tend to pursue their own particular projects individually.

Web based programmes and systems can be a great tool when generating extra income and has proven to be the ‘new way’ for thousands of people already, and Tim is the UK’s leading expert in this field, unearthing brand new income generating opportunities over and over again. 

So, if you are looking to generate an extra part-time, full time or life changing income it is important that you choose someone that you can trust. Tim has an outstanding reputation and his high profile successes are very obvious and well documented. His achievements are also backed up by hard fact and there are hundreds of glowing testimonials from the many people that he has helped over the years

“I want to say a big thank-you to you Tim, because without the last 12 months of pokes from you I would not be where I am today… a lot closer to my dreams than I was 12 months ago. Thanks again…”

Ron Perkins

“Hi Tim, I know I shouldn”t really use this email address but I just wanted to say thanks for Monday. Not just the day but the personal encouragement too. I have now revamped the website and emails and we”re ready to go again.”

Peter Ford

“Very good Tim, thank you. I”m sure many of us newbies would welcome more of this practical and essential business advice. Not many ‘gurus” bother with this side of things.”

Allen Cull